Same Manga-ka, New tricks (part one)

So its a new year and there’s a new show  line-up. But, perhaps some new books to pick up as well. Today we’ll  be looking at a series from a manga-ka you may know already.

Rinne, by Rumiko Takahashi

Now Rumiko Takahashi is no stranger to manga. She’s penned such hits as Ranma1/2, Maison Ikkoku, and Inuyasha, all of which have  been globally  popular. Her newest work to date is Kyokai no Rinne, which is being released here in the U.S. by Viz Media.

Rinne is the story of  Sakura Mamiya, a high school girl who can see spirits. But Sakura isn’t the typical Sakura of anime style. She isn’t  a card captor, not a ninja, or a samurai. Nope she’s normal, level headed and completely excepting of the world around her.

The story kicks off when Sakura meets Rinne, a red headed half shinigami, half human. Rinne isn’t all that typical either. And before the Bleach fans start harping that Takahashi a copycat, please recall that there have been PLENTY of Shinigami before Rukia and Ichigo met.(Ex, Botan in YuYu Hakusho, the cast of Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness) Rinne, has quite a large debt on his shoulders, and spends his days living in the school’s club house and exorcizing spirits.

Takahashi’s work is amazing as usual; you would think there would be some sort of disconnect (seeing as she’s been writing for quite sometime) but her charcters are a perfect fit. While the series is only up to seven volumes so far, the characters have slipped into their roles and a dual sided harem is forming, somewhat reminiscent of Ranma and Akane’s multiple suitors. Takahashi’s work has always had a comfort zone, the cast may laugh, cry, or head into battle, but they  still remain the same. It’s good to know masters like Takahashi are still around.

You can find Rinne in the New York Public library, and read  the chapters at

Here’s a trailer from Shonen Sunday  (Please note there isn’t a Rinne Anime…yet.)

Be aware that the series has been on hiatus (on the viz website) since the tsunami. No word on when it resumes.

But I ‘d check with the Rumic World Website. They know their Takahashi. And she’s worth knowing.

And honestly, I doubt the (official) wait will be long.



Anime…. in New York(1): Eden of the East and Detective Conan

The big apple. It’s hip, it’s cool. And sometimes it feels like the center of the universe.  New York often is the setting of Shows, Books,  and Movies. So today, we’re looking at  two moments in Anime that take place in New York.

Our First Contestant, Eden of the East: The King of Eden.

Eden of the East is a short but Amazing anime with the themes of conspiracy, love, action, and humor. Eden of the East: The King of Eden, is a movie that picks up  right after the show ends, and takes place primarily in New York City. Let’s see their interpretation of our home.

Holy crap.

I think I’m in love.

Whoa baby.


As someone who lives in the five boroughs, I care alot about how outsiders view my city. Constantly, NYC has looked horrible in movies and shows. But this…is good.

‘scuse me while I represent for the Brooklyn Bridge. Also, check  out the Seaport!

The best thing about it? Check out the Freedom Tower! Perfectly rendered, way before its completion in real life.

But here’s where things get a little off…Once Saki (The heroine of this film) leaves Manhattan, NYC looks a little weird.

Here she is in Manhattan

With a gun in broad daylight. AAAAWWWKWAAAAAARD.

Here she is in Brooklyn.


Seeing as that’s my Borough n’ all, I was curious to find out where she was standing. At first, I thought she was at the Brooklyn Promenade. In case you don’t know where that is…

It’s here.

But, Saki appears to be under the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Buildings look a lot taller. So her location must be somewhere down there, on those port looking things. I tried to get closer…

Judging by how close she is, She’s somewhere around here. I’m assuming that’s some slightly undeveloped park area. To the right of the bridge there’s a park area. But, to the left is uncertain (to me right now, at least) I plan on taking a look down there to match up her view with mine. Aside from that, to avoid spoilers, I won’t talk that much about the movie, but after she runs into a certain person, her run around Brooklyn looks…odd. It kinda looks like Williamsburg mixed with Park Slope, a hint of  Fort Greene, and a dash of Bay Ridge. Don’t try to decipher that.

Eden of the east is licensed by Funimation.  The entire show is on Youtube.

Our second contestant….Detective Conan (Released in the US as Case Closed)

Detective Conan is a fan favorite, with a big cast of characters,(currently) 73 volumes of manga,  many OVAS, Video Games, Drama Adaptations, Hundreds of Episodes, and (currently) Fifteen Movies. It’s got fans all over. So it should be able to represent NYC well  for  a couple of episodes…right?

Looks good so far.

Pretty cool.


There’s main characters Shinichi (Jimmy in the US) and Ran (Rachel). Did I mention Shinichi’s mom is driving?

I can tell Gosho Aoyama, DC’s creator, ( as well as the staff behind the Anime) did his homework. It looks just as good in the manga.

I can’t tell which building this is supposed to be…However in this scene, Shinichi and co. are somewhere on Broadway , to see a play. So far things are pretty okay, but the first ep of their New York adventure hits a snag about…here.

Dat Engrish…Also, while we’ve got a cop on screen, let’s compare him to the ones in The Eden of the East Movie

Dat Accuracy.

Manhattan looks big and roomy. Check out this empty street.

And in regards to the quality, check out these Americans

I wasn’t aware we all had strange, triangle noses.

There should be a family of tourists somewhere in that picture. Aside from that and a scene in the next episode ( I won’t mention ’cause it’ll cause spoilers) The NYC accuracy is alright.

This was Episode 286. Detective Conan’s Manga and Anime are released here as Case Closed from Viz and Funimation. The English version is (currently)not up to this episode. The majority of the Manga can be found in the Brooklyn public library, the Anime is in the New York Public Library and the movies are in both  the NYPL and BPL. (The Queens library carries the beginning of the Anime and Manga.)

Well, that’s it for part one. We’ll be looking at another two next time.

The Anime Fall line-up

   Coming back for more we have fan favs Bakuman(2), Shakugan no Shana (FINAL), Workinng(!!), Digimon Xros Wars(toki wo kakeru shounen hunter-tachi) and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi(2). Back from a long sleep comes HunterxHunter with a reboot. A prequel to Fate/stay night, we also have Fate/Zero. Of course, it isn’t just the sequels you need to be concerned  with this season. Two big contenders I’m keeping my eye on are Guilty Crown, and Persona 4:The animation. Oddly enough, both (will) have game adaptations. Persona 4 is based on Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, A (really good) game for the Playstation2. Guilty Crown will have a tie-in video game in 2012.Other Anime worth mentioning are Mobile Suit Gundam Age, (for obvious reasons), Mirai Nikki (The Manga was released by Tokyopop under the title ‘Future Diary’), and Ben-to (Fighting….for lunch boxes)

Over in the OVAs….

The GintamaxSketDance crossover project, A new Ah! my Goddess episode, Kimi ni Todoke, Princess Resurrection, and Yozakura Quartet are the ones I’m most excited about.

As for the movies…

s-CRY-ed Alteration and UN-GO:Episode 0.

While I don’t have a big interest in UN-GO right now, I get the feeling I shouldn’t ignore it. Also, Chibi Devil? Right now it sounds like a girly Beelzebub. I don’t know if the world needs that right now.