So You want a (accurate) taste of Japan? Head to Sunrise Mart!

Okay, so if your otakuism has hit ‘sage mode’ you’ve probably felt it. That Meron Pan Shana’s always snacking on, That Ramen Naruto wont shut up about, you want a taste of the real thing. So today, We’re gonna show you where you can find some good Japanese cuisine that wont drain your wallet.

Sunrise Mart is wonderful little marvel. It’s part bakery, part supermarket, part restaurant. It’s got all the staples from your favorite Anime and Manga: Okonomiyaki (Ranma anyone?), Yakisoba Bread, Meron Pan, and The infamous An Pan. And then its got genuinely good food, Like Katsu Don (My favorite!)

Ah, Hurray for Katsu Don. Pork cutlet, onions, ginger pickles, egg, and rice. A good deal for only seven n’ change! Another great thing about Sunrise Mart is the customization- You can have brown or white rice…Add some shrimp, take out the ginger pickles…etc.
And when I saw ‘Shrimp’ I mean these. For like, a buck fifty each.
Not only is food good, the store itself is pretty nice.

Here is the upstairs seating area. It’s a nice size, and built for comfort. I mean the bathroom is up there, and lo and behold, you don’t have to go downstairs to ask for a key. I hate places like that.
In addition, if you’ve been flappin’ your gams with your friends and your food gets cold, there’s a microwave. It’s awesome.


And if you’re of drinking age, they have Sapporo Beer in the ‘mart’ portion of the store. Drink Responsibly (or I’ll find you).

This Sunrise Mart is at 12 E 41st St.

But if that sounds unfamiliar…..

 It’s on Library Way.

And if that DOES sound familiar…

It’s where the store Book Off used to be. I wont talk about Book Off here though ( Its mine! All mine!)

Sunrise Mart has three locations:

4 Stuyvesant St( This one is more ‘Mart’ than ‘Sunrise’ )

  12 E 41st St. (The one featured in this post)

494 Broome St( Made me feel a little claustrophobic)


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