Fall Anime Picks

Reviewing the initial episodes for each series.

Pursuing my True Self with Persona 4

Okay, Let me start off by saying (In the words of LK’S Naruto) that this Anime is “totally A-MA-ZAAAHH”

Persona 4 makes a very clean transition from Video Game to Anime. The story appears to be intact, and the character designs aren’t tampered with. Fans of the game should be pleased with this one, while newcomers will probably be pulled in by the humor/action/suspense aspects. They aint meant to be flashy. Before you write it off as bland looking, know the characters live in a hicktown. One of my concerns (As someone who’s played the game)was how the main character would turn out. Yu Narukami isn’t completely lifeless, but he has little presence on his own show. When he does react to something, its almost like you’re being reminded he’s there. On a side note, The show isn’t just like watching someone play the game. It moves pretty quickly, as the first hour of gameplay is captured in  one episode. Somethings are skipped, but others are expanded upon. This makes the show more well rounded. I’m giving it A for effort.



So Everything that makes me whole isn’t in Guilty Crown 

I’m..not too impressed with Guilty Crown…yet. The concept is nice though. There are certain things in the show I like, including  the fact pilots aren’t actually in their mechs (Which look like Code Geass Knightmares, a.k.a Gundams on roller skates) And there are things I don’t get, like Inori. If you’re on the run and you work for a underground organization, why are you running around in a skimpy dress and heels? And the main character…His name is Ouma ( Ou=King) Shu. Ouma Shu. OMASHU. Avatar the last airbender anyone? No? Okay…And I don’t wanna  call him a Shinji clone, but…If Inori had blue hair, I’d swear I was watching Eva. And this guy…


This dude is like the love child of Break (Pandora Hearts) and Fai (Tsubasa) on Acid. So. Creepy.


Ouma Shu. Hoping for more from him. Awesome weapon though.

Is Guilty Crown copying Persona 4?

This is from Persona 4, a show about going into the world of television and fighting monsters.

This is from Guilty Crown, a show about using power to extract weapons

I had to point it out. It was bothering me. Both OPs are pretty good. (Though I admit I’m partial to P4)

Guilty Crown gets a B for now.

Fly! With Shakugan no Shana FINAL 

A nice surprise. The newest (and last!) season of Shana starts off good. Things heat up (Bad pun) as Yuji has made the jump from protagonist to (SPOILER?) villain (SPOILER?) and I’m so glad he did. Shana is looking a little shaken with her Yuji gone, but it feels like she’s maturing. All the characters in the loop about the Flame Hazes seem a little tense. Margery gets tossed around early on, and I hope to see some more developments with her and her lackeys.It seems war is raging and time is of the essence, so no fillers man. No fillers. Please. The OP in this one also feels like Kotoko’s usual brand of goodness, but I wanted a little more.


Look! Yuji’s doing something!


Shana, learning something new.


Stuff is about to go down. Finally.

A+ For Shana. Keep it moving.


 Maybe I know nothing, But still I will walk with UN-GO

What is this…I don’t even. First off, I was curious about this when I heard it was based on a Meiji Era (Kenshin anyone?) book, but pushed into the near Future. I was like, “Whaaaaat?” And then when I saw the movie was coming out, I figured this series was serious stuff.  And I was right. UN-GO feels like one of those WTF anime but plays like a solid detective show. The characters  are all designed well.  This one was of course brought to us by noitaminA (They gave us No.6 this summer) so I was excited about that. Plus, its got a wonderful OP and ED. The OP is performed by SchoolFoodPunishment ( Eden of the East’s ED). The trippy ED is from Lama (NO.6’S OP) The cases are  basically on par with Detective Conan so far, and the character set up seems intriguing.


Oh, that’s his assi-



(O_O) wait, What!?


Emo Dark haired main character…Why does that seem familiar…

a A- for UN-GO. Hoping this doesn’t turn into a total WTF.

I’m hoping to see more from Guilty Crown. Seeing as its Simultaneously broadcasted, it’s got a big audience.  Persona 4 an UN-go are okay. I hope Shana pushes the bar and leaves us with a good final season. Also if you were wondering what the weird bold sentences are, I simply lifted lyrics from each OP .

We’re done here. HAPPY HALLOWEEN




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